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Supporting strong primary health care during the pandemic

Amid the emergency COVID-19 response, we cannot afford to ignore people’s broader health needs. Primary health care has a critical role to play in ensuring continued access to routine and essential services.

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Maintaining access to routine and essential health services

While the morbidity and mortality directly attributed to COVID-19 are likely to be high in many countries including Malawi, indirect mortality from other preventable and treatable diseases can be staggering when access to care is reduced. 

Wandikweza is maintaining continuity of service delivery for routine and essential care necessary for minimizing excess morbidity and mortality and maintaining population trust in the health system. 


Survaillance and response 

As a person’s first entry point into the health system, primary health care provides a critical foundation for the direct surveillance, response, and management of outbreaks. Wandikweza, by nature of its community orientation, Wandikweza is allowing the multi-sectoral action needed to reduce vulnerability and build the resilience of communities

Wandikweza is leveraging primary health care  for Covid-19 response in underserved communities where there is often limited access to healthcare overall. 

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Support Covid-19 vaccination efforts

Vaccination is essential to ending the COVID-19 pandemic. The urgency of the pandemic has instigated unprecedented scientific speed and collaboration.

As COVID-19 vaccination efforts get underway in Malawi, they are the subject of intense attention and focus in remote areas. For vaccination campaigns to effectively manage the COVID-19 pandemic, high population coverage is required.


Because of our community orientation, Wandikweza provides an important platform for achieving this goal.

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