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Community Outreach

Wandikweza runs community mobile health clinics in remote areas of Malawi as an entry point to health care. Using medical vans, we physically drive into communities, where we inspire people to take more charge of their own health. We travel to medically underserved areas to help connect patients to care when patients would have otherwise gone without care.

In collaboration with government nurses, clinicians, midwives and community health workers, we conduct eight mobile clinics a month to different villages. The clinics offer general consultation for all types of diseases in adults. We provide antenatal services for pregnant women, immunization and growth monitoring for children under 5, family planning for women of childbearing age, HIV testing and counselling and malaria rapid test. Medication prescriptions and distributions are part of the mobile clinic process as well.


During the clinics, children under five have their weight, temperature and height recorded, as well as receiving a general check-up to monitor any skin infections, malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia or other signs of illness they may have. We also teach the local community about important health issues, such as: first aid, hygiene, malaria, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and blood pressure.

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