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Q2 2020 Report

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

During this pandemic, right now a woman in the remote area of Dowa district, Malawi is wondering how she will travel with her sick child to the nearest public hospital.

The hospital is 25kms away from her village and she will have to walk to reach the destination. Even if she gets there, she has no idea if her child will get the prescribed drugs from the hospital and her fear is even worsened by the idea that if she gets admitted, the child will be among four sick children sharing one bed.

Thousands of Malawians live with this uncertainty every day.

Fortunately, many of them get treatment from Wandikweza outreach clinics within their villages. Just like Solomon, our featured story in this Quarterly Report. Discover the impact that our community outreach program had for him and his mother.

Thanks to partners like you, Solomon's mum and other women in her community get treatment they desperately look for and relieve their fear. 

We can no longer wait for the end of year to share such kind of news. We are so excited to share our first ever Quarterly Report with you.

Wandikweza Q2 Report
Download PDF • 1.14MB

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