Our Approach

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and Education

1. Empowering people to do things for themselves. This liberates locals from the bondage of the welfare mentality.


2. Reaching the whole person. We deal with the spiritual and physical needs. 


3. Equipping leaders with skills to see their own community’s assets and to address multiple needs .


4. Developing community ownership. CHE teaches people how to identify their own problems and find a way to solve them, using locally available resources.


5. Preventive vs. Curative.  We provide locals  with knowledge concerning basic health principles and practices. This can promote optimal health within communities.


Our Values

  • Commitment to prayer

  • Prioritizing the whole person

  • Long term solutions

  • Participatory learning

  • Commitment to the vulnerable and marginalized

  • Local ownership

  • Use of locally available resources

Jesus modeled leadership based on serving others, not being served by them.


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